Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Life Style

me to Paul : I am entering old age from this year and this month.

Paul : How about your life ?

me : My job always was at civilian post as an clerical staff in office, and many time were in trading field. When I was younger, always to thinking of what to do if I am an old man...

Paul : So ?

me : So, till now I am just to enter the door of old age, am still studying this subject of, what is the style of old age life that I to select ? Mahjong or walking and TV every days ? All of that are unsuitable for me. I want to keeping to work, I could off cause select what job I interest with could find the funny one, but doctor's report and comments that I am unsuitable to work due to the sickness of high pressure blood that hurt the heart and kidney... So, for many times of every days, just the one is suiting me, it is computer. Keeping to studying the world via net, and enjoy the net world for old age by myself.

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