Sunday, May 18, 2008

Helplines for Shichuan 512 earthquake

Ngopi-Yamcha Information of helplines for Shichuan 512 earthquake from as below.


Charities helping the victims, with their phone numbers and bank account numbers

Hong Kong Red Cross

Donation accounts:

HSBC 567-650-155-016

Bank of China 012-806-0000-1617

Bank of East Asia 514-40399-663

Hang Seng 267-175-123001

Oxfam Hong Kong 2520 2525

Donation accounts:

HSBC 001-537-0000-12

Bank of China 012-874-001-05157

World Vision

HSBC 018-55-4444-001

Bank of China 012-883-0002-6662

Hang Seng 286-364-385-003

Salvation Army

HSBC 580-149649-001

Bank of China 012-878-1-061887-6

Bank of East Asia 015-515-10-50541-3

Unicef Hong Kong

HSBC 567-354-014-005

Bank of China 012-875-1081-0855

Bank of East Asia 015-260-81-01210-0

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